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Bells Craig - Emotional Wellness Life Coach

Would you like to work on your emotional wellness? Do you have questions about what went wrong in a fight or a conversation that you had? Do you wish that you had tools to help you process, manage, and heal? Would you like to healthily experience less emotional pain and turmoil?

What does an EWLC do?

Facilitation of people learning tools that they can use to lower the drama and emotional turbulence in their life, and also better navigating communication and boundaries. Reframing of circumstances to allow people to process situations differently, and tools that help to embrace responsibility for our emotions and our emotional responses to situations.

Explanation of tools and process for healing PTSD. Life coaching is not therapy and it's not a replacement for therapy... Therapy is about soul searching and finding oneself and about receiving an action plan from a therapist for treatment. A life coach listens to what people are struggling with, just enough, to be able to offer them different perspectives and different tools so that they can better navigate those scenarios. Many of us have limiting beliefs that block us from being able to make the changes that we wish in our lives and life coaching includes helping find those so that we may face them and overcome them. Life coaching can also help one to identify programming from past abusive relationships, past abusive workplaces, and cult-like situations; identify expectations and illusions; teach how to overcome emotional pain in a healthy and self supporting way; identify any areas of internal conflict; release shame; heal deserving issues; and find a point of view that allows for trust and companionship with honesty and authenticity.

Not all life coaches will work with teenagers but I definitely do. As a matter of fact I charge way less for anybody between the ages of 12 and 21! Teenagers are in a position where they have extreme emotions and do not necessarily have the tools for managing them. An emotional Wellness life coach can work with a teen to help them manage their feelings and put them into perspective... Learn to utilize tools that will mitigate heartbreak and trauma... Learn how to set boundaries at an earlier age so that trauma doesn't ensue in the firstplace... And help them learn what behaviors might be used abusively by themselves and by others.

All of these can help a teenager grow into a flourishing adult at a much easier pace than without those tools 💜